General principle

DCTB - Being Christian in studies and career


We are

  • Christians, who mainly operate in the field of technology and natural sciences.
  • We are convinced that Christian faith is still up to date. For us faith, thinking and life are highly connected and form one unity. That’s why we take the statements of the bible as the measure for all matters of faith and life.


We would like

  • to encourage to think further about faith and to rethink if necessary
  • to invite to believe in Jesus Christ  
  • to link like-minded people
  • to deal with technical developments, scientific and spiritual questions on a qualified basis
  • to support Christian ethics


We offer

  • support in studies and career
  • support for the everyday life as a Christian
  • Christian community


This can be realized as we

  • offer talks, seminars and conventions
  • support bible study and prayer groups
  • provide publications
  • display at exhibitions
  • arrange leisure activities and trips
  • offer a programme for children and teenager, in order to enable families to attend conventions and leisure time facilities


Our topics

  • Faith in everyday life, as well as in studies and career
  • Natural sciences and faith
  • ethics (responsibility before God and our fellow men)
  • What keeps us grounded in times of quick changes?
  • Questions about the origin and purpose of the creation, as well as current findings of natural science.
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