General information about events and leisure time activities

DCTB offers a wide range of different events. They all have in common that they encourage a better understanding of the biblical message and Christian faith in everyday life which is closely connected to reality. At the same time it doesn’t lack in extra age based programmes for children and teenagers. Are you interested?


We organize events with our talks all over Germany and support initiatives who are interested in our topics and speakers. This could take place in the context of special events offered by Christian communities, associations, unions or private initiatives.

Meetings and Seminars

Each year we offer one-day meetings as well as meetings of several days’ duration, which are all topic-oriented. It’s a great opportunity especially for sceptic people to intensely deal with topics where especially a Christian point of view promises relevance and brisance.

Main conference

The yearly DCTB main conference during Pentecost is always a highlight for our visitors from all over Germany and other countries. Some of the main characteristics of the main conference are up to date talks and exegesis with competent speakers, discussion groups and a cheerful communion that connects generations. It is also a very family-friendly event with an integrated and concerted program for children and teenager. The annual meeting of members is also component of the main conference. People who have been there once, come again.


At DCTB, people from all different age groups will find suitable activities and events for the holidays or leisure time. They are announced as official events from Liebenzeller Mission Freizeiten & Reisen GmbH. It doesn’t matter if you go  hiking and skiing in the mountains, swimming, sailing and surfing at the sea or visit exciting historic cities and interesting places for technology and nature studies- the daily engagement with the bible will provide enduring value besides all the adventures, resting and relaxation.

Children and youth ministry

Es ist uns ein großes Anliegen, dass Kinder mit der Wahrheit der Bibel vertraut werden. Bei ihnen soll die Liebe zu Jesus Christus geweckt und ausgebaut werden. Dazu dienen spezielle Parallel-Programme zu den Vorträgen auf Tagungen und Konferenzen, sowie auf den Familienfreizeiten. Der Spaß in der Gruppe und die sozialen Entwicklungen sollen dabei natürlich nicht auf der Stecke bleiben.

Der DCTB gestaltet auf Anfrage auch besondere Kindertage (z.B. in Gemeinden), bei denen zusätzlich das technische Verständnis und Geschick der Kinder gefördert wird. Wir nutzen dazu u.a. das selbst entwickelte Konzept des XXL-Metallbaukastens. Damit können Kinder in Kleingruppen zu echten „Baumeistern“ werden.

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