What is the DCTB?

The DCTB (German Christian Association for those in technical occupations) is a group of Christian believers who mainly work in the fields of technology and science. Students in these fields, as well as their families and even retirees/pensioners, are all welcome to become members or attend our lectures and conferences. Since the association was founded in 1904 by a group of mechanical engineering students, the members have strived to combine their Christian beliefs with professional expertise and to communicate this knowledge to fellow students and work colleagues. Even today, the DCTB’s main goal is to search for answers to life’s questions by applying biblical truths to existing scientific research and theories.


The main focus of the DCTB’s work is communicating the life and work of Jesus Christ to men and women studying and working in the fields of technology and science. Their aim is to challenge people to consider or reconsider how Christian faith and science can coexist in a positive atmosphere, without ignoring or disregarding the principal aspects of either system. The DCTB uses seminars, small groups, books, and other media to offer a foundation of Christian as well as scientific knowledge, thus building a foundation for decision-making and guidance for life’s difficulties and ethical questions. The staff at DCTB offers training on how Christians can share their beliefs naturally and with conviction in everyday situations with classmates and colleagues. People seeking to learn more about God and how the Bible offers guidance and gives life purpose are especially welcome to take advantage of the DCTB’s many offerings.

Study Programs

The DCTB helps to create and support Christian groups at universities and colleges. DCTB staff visit various campuses throughout the year and maintain friendly contact with students and faculty. The website hochschul.net provides users with information about new Christian literature and other media, which are also offered at book tables and in seminars at institutions of higher learning all across Germany. Hochschul.net also offers a magazine and various blog entries online.


Members and visitors and their families are welcome to attend the DCTB’s many regional and national conferences, lectures, retreats, and day trips offered throughout the year or to start or join a company prayer group in their area. These get-togethers offer a great deal of useful and helpful information as well as opportunities to discuss these topics with other attendees having similar career backgrounds. The magazine “Das Fundament” (The Foundation) supplies the reader with articles covering both biblical and technological topics. At www.dctb.de one can read or download helpful information for work and home life.


The DCTB offers a wide variety of holidays and retreats for all age groups, including singles, couples, families, pensioners, and everyone in between, with programs such as skiing, water sports, mountain hiking, and Bible teaching. These retreats are meant to challenge and teach, and refresh and recharge body and soul while enjoying nature and making new friends.

For more information, please contact: Deutscher Christlicher Techniker-Bund e. V. Postfach 1122 70807 Korntal-Münchingen GERMANY Phone +49711 8380828 - Fax +49711 8380829 https://dctb.de

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